Happy Thanksgiving from Paul Clark Ford!

Happy Thanksgiving from Paul Clark FordThanksgiving really is a special time to be thankful for the amazing family, friends and caring communities we are so fortunate to have in our lives. At Paul Clark Ford, we’re especially thankful for all of the wonderful friends, coworkers, customers and community members who truly are a gift to know and are the reason we have become the business we are today. Continue reading

Look Out! Our Top 10 Bad Driving Habits

Look Out! Our Top 10 Bad Driving HabitsNobody is perfect, and let’s face it, nobody is a perfect driver either. We all make mistakes when we’re behind the wheel, and there’s always another driver there to honk, yell and maybe even flip the bird just to remind us that we messed up. Although we never intend to cause an accident while driving, we can work on being a little more cautious on the road, which is what compelled us to compile a list of 10 bad driving habits. Maybe you’re guilty of committing all of these, or maybe you’re in that elite group of 1% of the American population that is completely innocent in committing these driving crimes (even though you know you’re lying!). Either way, we’re hoping that this list will at least make you more aware when on the road, and help passengers and drivers make it to their destination a little safer. Continue reading

Vehicle Maintenance 101: Oil Change

Vehicle Maintenance 101: Oil ChangeAn oil change is the most frequent service you’ll have to get for your vehicle. The importance of an oil change should not be underestimated! For those who are unaware of oil’s purpose in a vehicle, it serves two primary functions:

  1. Lubricate internal parts
  2. Help capture dirt and debris that could potentially prevent corrosion and sludge to the engine. Continue reading

Paul Clark Ford has Gone Social!

Social Media HeartsIt’s no secret that our world has become a digital arena where anyone can follow, like, pin and become a friend or fan of just about anything. The digitally social world that we live in allows people, groups and businesses to connect with one another through a simple click of the mouse! Paul Clark Ford would like to announce our entrance into the digitally social world, and invites you to connect with us through our different social media pages. Continue reading